ФОТО: Оваа баба има 4 внуци и 55 години, а изгледа како „авион“

За 55-годишната Алехандра Лабастида Шапиро многумина мислат дека е сестра на својата 32-годишна ќерка.

Алехандра работи како инструктор по пилатес, а вели дека своето тело го доживува како храм, односно дека максимално му е посветена и дека редовно вежба.

Сепак, ваквото тело има цена - а тоа е непрекината контрола над јадењето и вежбањето, и тоа од 10-годишна возраст кога оваа бринета започнала да практикува здрава исхрана.

Денес јаде исклучително органска и сирова храна, избегнува лекови и свртена е кон природните лекови и болки како за лекување на одредени тегоби, така и за превентива.


Three more weeks for my 55th birthday. Who says you can’t improve with age? Can you tell? Will you believe me if I tell you today I train less and have more recovery workouts or sometimes no workout? I’m today stronger , more flexible and better cardio endurance. I don’t train hard, I train smart. This doesn’t mean that my training is less intense. Probably is more intense than 4 years ago but I use longer active or passive recovery time in between doing Pilates or/and yoga (mainly Pilates). I use more functional and body weight training , like pull-ups or more compound motion patterns combining animal flow and Pilates mat. I push, pull, drag, lift uneven weights with short or none recovery in between but for a total shorter period of total training time. My recovery time in between hard workouts are 1 or sometimes 2 days just doing Pilates or yoga, giving space to my muscles to recover completely for the next workout. Is in this recovery time when your muscles really build up mass and receive the benefits of training. When we get older, is important to understand that we take sometimes longer to recover and for more intense workout, longer recovery so you not decrease your performance and give time to your body to receive the benefits of training. From an article: “Recovery is a complex topic — but it's important if you're hitting the gym. You can't always be 100 percent ready to work out, but you can avoid burning out. Your muscles are particularly vulnerable to tiring or wearing down. Different workouts require different recovery times. Generally, weightlifting workouts are more taxing on your muscles than endurance or body-weight workouts. You may have heard that muscle damage is what leads to growth, which is partially true, but too much muscle damage can be harmful. Your muscles use energy to contract. Every time you take a step, your leg muscles are using some combination of glucose, fat and oxygen to power the muscle. Like anything else in your body, that power supply isn't unlimited. Exercise drains your muscles of energy sources “ Age is just a number, but when you train, be smart and balance your workout/recovery to keep yourself injury free!

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