(Фото) Голферка ги покажа градите, па порача: Јас сум фина девојка, не знам зошто сите мислат дека ги…

Атрактивната американска голферка Пејџ Спиранац привлекува големо внимание на светските медиуми, зашто важи за една од најатрактивните спортистки во светот.


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Спиранац привлекува внимание, а тоа не е ништо чудно, со оглед на физичките атрибути со кои располага. „Јас сум добра девојка и не знам зошто сите мислат дека ги провоцирам и ги повикувам на с**с“, кажа Пејџ.


Episode 3 of my podcast @playingaroundpodcast is out! I went back and forth on which picture to post for this because well this was a really hard episode for me to talk about. It’s all about my nude picture that has been shared around and is on the internet. I decided to pick this picture because I think people see how I am online with this sexy, fun image that I portray and would assume a nude picture to me is nothing. But there’s a distinct difference, one picture I posted, the other I didn’t give consent to be shared. It was a huge invasion of my privacy and I’ve been harassed and black mailed over it for the past 4 years. I’m now owning the nude picture and I feel so much better to have talked about it! Really hope you give it a listen. You can find the podcast anywhere that you listen to your podcasts😌

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